Tile by Ryan's Design and Remodel
Ryan's notes There are many different choices for your new tile floor - natural stone, ceramic tile or porcelain. Let me help you create an attractive layout for your new floor - the options with patterns, accents and borders are unending. I am also happy to help you understand professional tile installation standards. For example, a qualified contractor will begin by inspecting the condition of the existing floor, noting excessive deflection or slope that needs to be corrected during the project. When comparing bids for your project, verify the use of industry standards by your contractor. See my links page for more information on tile standards, or contact me with questions.

The only thing better than a tile floor in any room of your house is a heated tile floor. Tile will assume the ambient air temperature, which usually feels cool to the touch. A radiant heated floor will be warm to touch - usually around 98 degrees. Radiant floor heating is energy efficient, using only the equivalent of an incandescent light bulb to power a 3' by 6' area. Your feet will thank you every day!
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